Mörk Collective
Photography and costume art


DREAM LIGHT-“There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.” ― Leonard Cohen

Since project Charcoal, me and makeup artist Tiina Lamberg wanted to do more makeup painting. It was in the back of our heads all year until we finally had the chance to actually do it. I wanted to try out something new in camera to add to the story. I wanted to create pictures that reflect feelings. I wanted them to look like they were captured in a dream world where nothing is too sharp or focused. When you wake up in the morning the memories you have of your dream are rarely clear, they are more flashbacks and emotions than clear pictures. That´s the feeling I had in mind when creating this project with Tiina. Combining makeup and camera techniques we achieved this effect. The only thing I have done in post-production is adding on contrast and pumped up the saturation. Everything else is straight of camera.

MUAH/CONCEPT: Tiina Lamberg

Model: Ellinoora

Photo/Edit/concept: Mikaela Holmberg